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Water Recovery, LLC (WRI) is an award-winning Centralized Wastewater Treatment (CWT) plant specializing in non-hazardous waste-water treatment and used oil recycling. Our state-of-the-art Jacksonville, Florida facility is designed to exceed stringent EPA standards for the Centralized Waste Treatment industry. Continuous improvement initiatives are in place to maintain our reputation as the most versatile and technically capable CWT plant in the region.

WRI is part of the environmental business line (EIBU) of Moran Towing Corporation, a 160-year-old marine transportation company based out of New Canaan, CT, with 17 locations along the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. WRI is now part of one of the largest privately held maritime companies in the United States. As part of the Moran Group of Companies, WRI joins Moran Environmental Recovery (MER), Global Diving & Salvage, Mainstream Commercial Divers, and VacSol to provide safe and effective solutions to government, marine, environmental, and energy industries throughout North America and beyond.

The WRI Philosophy: “Waste Disposal Made Safe and Simple”

WRI strives to provide easy-to-use, high-value services, delivered by a team committed to “best in class” environmental health and safety compliance. We have the in-house capability to not only test and treat waste, but to provide a full range of transportation services.

As a pre-treatment facility, you benefit from secondary certification when the liquid wastes are tested at the JEA water treatment plant. In addition, we take the time to discuss all costs before a job begins, and provide quick and accurate billing when the job ends. WRI is committed to making the transaction as simple and reliable as possible.

Additional Specialized Services Available

With easy access to our parent company Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC (MER) we can also coordinate your environmental and industrial service needs including industrial cleaning, Coast Guard approved over the water transfer, and emergency response.

Regulatory and Technical Support

WRI provides regulatory and technical support to our clients as the first step to full compliance with all regulatory standards. Whether analyzing waste streams or completing required paperwork, you'll benefit from unrivaled concierge service. Our safety and regulatory compliance record are unmatched in the region.

Water Recovery, LLC (WRI) was honored with the 2022 Industrial Pretreatment Environmental Stewardship Award from the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA). We are proud to have received multiple awards from JEA, including the Environmental Stewardship Award in 2022 for the 9th consecutive year, the Pollution Prevention Award in 2015 and 2022, and the Environmental Platinum Award in 2008. Achieving these accolades required maintaining a violation-free year for five consecutive years and nine years of compliance with the Industrial User Discharge Permit. We are dedicated to environmental stewardship and actively engage in sustainable practices, such as beneficial re-use and recycling efforts. Our commitment has been recognized by JEA through awards and features in their Sustainability Spotlight.