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Leachate Disposal

As a leader in the water treatment industry, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to better serve our customers. As a producer of landfill leachate, you may be one of the many organizations facing disposal challenges. More and more publicly owned treatment works (POTW’s) all over the country are implementing stricter requirements for leachate acceptance or refusing it all together due to constituents not typically treated by landfills or industrial pretreatment plants. 

In response to this ongoing issue, Water Recovery has developed a treatment system that has successfully proven to remove the constituents that are creating the challenges for the POTW’s. 

Leachate System Key Points: 

  • WRI is the single proprietary of this new industry leading technology. 
  • Little to no reject water after treatment. 
  • “We can take it and handle it.”  Meaning, we can treat the leachate water as well as dispose of the treated water. 

Our team at Water Recovery, LLC would love to discuss your particular challenges with leachate disposal, and help you find solutions!